Bird House Kits Under Kid Projects

Bird house kits are fun projects that can be put together by an older child by himself, or can be constructed by the family together.  There are also kits that can be used by boy scouts or girl scouts for certain projects, and can also be used by schools to help provide a fun way to teach children about the birds in the area after building homes for them to live in.These bird house kits are of different styles and sizes.  Some of the kits are made for a particular species of bird while others are made to be more decorative for the individual to place in the yard.  Other bird house kits are made for communities of birds or are a combination of a feeder and a nesting platform for the birds in the area.

Choosing a Bird House Kits

The benefit to buying a bird house kit as opposed to buying the materials separately and assembling according to a set of directions is that the kit already contains all that is required for the individual to put together the birdhouse.  That is why these kits are such a fun purchase for children to put together.  The instructions can usually be followed in a basic bird house kit by a child of the age of seven or older.More complex tools are not required as most of the time, the bird house kit can be assembled by the person with use of a hammer of a screwdriver.

Although these bird house kits are easy to assemble in most cases, they often do not offer the flexibility or variety of styles that some individuals might want for their bird houses.  There are also individuals that might be more experienced in carpentry and want to experiment with designs of bird houses so that it looks and functions like they want it to do.  These bird house kits will usually cost around fifteen dollars, but the more elaborate the kit, the more expensive the cost.

A typical bird house is about five inches by five inches on the floor of the house. The depth is usually around eight inches high to provide the depth needed for most birds to nest.  There is usually some sort of ventilation slit under the eaves of the bird house so that air can get in while keeping the house protected from the elements.  The bird house kits are often made to fit a particular size of bird, with the medium kits usually being adequate for chickadees, finches, nuthatches and other medium birds.