Chicken Ark Plans – An Easy Way to Build a Home for Your Chickens

My idea, when I first bought chickens, was to let them roam free. Chickens are entertaining, and I wanted to be able to watch them peck and scratch and explore. It didn’t work out quite like that. They started free ranging over to the neighbor’s yard, even getting on their bird table where they enjoyed the plump sunflower seeds.

A chicken coop that could be positioned in different places, seemed the best solution. Then they could get to pastures new, but would stay in my backyard. When I was out in the backyard they could roam free, to give them some extra space to explore. My little fantasy was a handsome chicken ark, with my hens cozy at night and with a lovely area to scratch and graze each time I moved the ark.

The ready-built arks had big price tickets. The shipping on them added even more. The obvious thing to do was find some chicken ark plans. They needed to be simple (I’m no carpenter) and with clear instructions. Happily I found some great chicken ark plans, which also had good instructions and sets of plans for more ambitious hen houses I can move on to, when my brood expands.

With cutting plans for materials and step by step diagrams, the plans take me right through the construction process and there’s even lots of useful chicken keeping information that I didn’t know. The book of plans, instructions and chicken keeping information has given us all we need.

Now I have a handsome chicken ark with handles at each end so I can move it around. My hens are very happy. The roosting area and nest box ae covered to provide shelter, and the run is open so the chickens can peck around. I can put the chicken ark anywhere in my yard that I want cleared, and the neighbor’s bird table is back attracting wild birds, not backyard hens.

Now I’m planning to add to the flock. Hmm – is the next project the simple hen house or the sophisticated chicken coop with eaves and nesting boses along the side? It does look splendid, and I feel confident that with the chicken ark plans, I could make it quite easily.