Sick Of Litter Box Smells? Try Cat Furniture!

Does the thought of a litter box make you cringe? Most people have the same sentiment towards litterboxes, as their reputation is a stinky and dirty one! Why not consider buying cat furniture to hide the kitty box?

We’ve all seen the bog-standard cat perch and scratching post, but why not treat your kitty (and your nose!) to a well-built cat condo with a built-in ground-floor cubby that’s works as terrific litter box housing? You can find a variety of cat furniture online, some include fuzzy balls that dangle from string or wire, carpeted inner housing for those frequent cat naps, as well as several hidden catnip stations to get your cat feisty for playtime! Those are just a few of the many different types of accessories you can find on cat furniture.

You may also find a piece of cat furniture known as a “bookcase climber,” which is a large piece of furniture with “step-like” segments that lead to hidden cubby-holes, sleeping areas, and play stations. While these can be great if you have quite a lot of room to spare, it can be overbearing if you don’t have a lot of room. If you don’t have a lot of space for kitty accommodation, you can look in to pet stairs, which come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Some come with built-in compartments that are just wonderful for storage. You can find them in high-end fashionable wood, accentuated with molding, or standard carpeting.

A litter robot is also an interesting and practical option for solving your cat box problems. It is a spherical, dome-like, self-cleaning litter unit. The entrance is small to give your cat privacy. The litter robot automatically sifts through the litter and stores the waste in a carrier bag that can simply be taken out and thrown away. This unit is extremely efficient at keeping odors from escaping. It’s also intriguing to look at.

Are you starting to like the idea of cat furniture? It is very beneficial to hiding the litter box and its nasty smells. You can find cat litter furniture at many pet stores and online. In addition to cat furniture, those of you who own dogs as well may find the many uses of dog stairs to be beneficial to you and your pet. These can be found online in pre-constructed format or custom-built.