Buying durable heated birdbath for your patio

Running water will naturally attract wild birds to your yard. A fountain or spay birdbath can give your bird the water they need for drinking and bathing. You can give the wild birds fresh water no matter what the season with a heated birdbath. Brids often have a hard time finding fresh water when everything freezes in winter. 
By providing clean fresh water all winter you can help birds survive. You get the additional bonus of being able to watch your feathered friends during the winter. Be sure to keep your bird feeder and heated bird bath separate. The noise of the feeder can distract the birds from drinking and bathing. Placing your birdbath under some tree branches will make it safer for the birds. This will help them escape any cats or small animals on the prowl. 
You can install a battery or solar powered heated birdbath any place in the garden you would like. If you select an electric powered heated birdbath it will need to by placed near a power outlet. Heated birdbaths have many benefits. You will get longer use from a concrete or marble heated birdbath than one that does not have a heater. The constant freezing and melting of ice in a birdbath can make concrete or marble crack and leak. Having a heated birdbath will prevent this process.
Heated birdbaths can be found in several styles and from various materials. Some common materials used for heated birdbaths include iron, concrete, marble, plastic, and copper. Copper makes an excellent addition to just about any garden, especially if you have other copper elements sprinkled throughout. The bowl of a birdbath should be no more than three inches deep with a rough bottom to give the birds a secure footing.