Cockatiel Birdcage Tips – Five Ways to Know That You Picked the Right Cockatiel Birdcage

It’s not always easy to choose the right type of birdcage for your cockatiel, especially if you’ve never owned one for the birds. Cocktatiels need some specific things that will allow them to live a happy life. I have provided you with five tips to help you pick the right birdcage for your cockatiel.

1. Give Your Cockatiel the Spacing Needs – Birdcages are not all built the same, and when you’re looking at getting a birdcage for your cockatiel, you need to make sure that it has the right amount of space. Your little bird has to have plenty of room to stretch and flap its wings. In a you take into consideration the length of your cockatiels tail is you don’t want it to drag on the floor get hung up.

2. The Size of the Cage – When you’re trying to determine how big of a cage you should get, you need to take into account all of the items that you have inside the cage as well. Having items in your cage such as perches, toys, and such items can take up quite a bit of space, so you need to not clutter it up too much.

3. The Spacing of the Bars – The next thing you need to make sure when buying a cockatiel birdcage is that the bars are close enough together that the cockatiel can’t get its head through. You could use the general rule of thumb of no more than one half finished three quarters of an inch wide, this is a good guideline to follow.

4. How the Bars Are Laid out – Cockatiels love to get around the cage by climbing so you need to make sure that the cage you buy has verticle bars positioned so he can get around well. Don’t go buying any cage that doesn’t have verticle bars on it.

5. Easy to Clean – You need to make sure to buy a cage that is easy to clean, this will make it easier on you as well as make it healthier for the bird. Make sure that the cage that you buy has a removable plastic tray at the bottom. Anything that makes the cleaning of the cage easier is a good thing, for you as well as for the bird.

Having these steps should allow you to be a limit to proper decision when choosing which cockatiel birdcage you should buy. Cockatiel birdcages come in lots of different designs, textures, shapes and materials, and in the end it will boil down to what you like and what you can afford. Just make sure that the cage follows these guidelines.

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