Have You Ever Thought Of Wild Birds As Pets?

wild bird

Birds of the wild are fascinating creatures. People devote their spare time to observing wild birds in their natural habitats. That is a good thing. Trouble arises when a person wants to domesticate a wild bird. Some birds are just not meant to live in a cage. Yes, you can find many species in zoos but these birds are not meant to be pets. There is a lot to know about birds before you go out and try to trap one.

Wild birds include a wide variety of species. In fact, there are 10,000 different species of birds living on the planet right now. Some you can find at zoos that have a special bird house or exhibit. But in case you missed the lectures given by wildlife professionals, here is a bit of information that you might want to consider. For many years it was considered trendy and alternative to own a crow or a raven. This species of bird is completely black and has been written about many times. Many owners of this species of bird would slit the birds tongue because they thought it would make them speak in the same manner as a parrot. Unfortunately, movies often portrayed the raven or crow as a speaking bird. This damages the bird and can cause it great pain. It can also interfere with the bird’s eating habits. Take a pass on this bird if you are lonely and just want to talk; buy a Ham radio and try communicating with other humans.

Yes, there are birds of the wild that do make good pets provided that the bird owner knows how to train the bird and provide the special needs that the bird may have. Take for example the parrot mentioned above. Many people own parrots and treat them well. Unfortunately, there are also many owners who have no idea what they are getting into. Some people assume their parrot will automatically talk, yet training a parrot to do so will require a lot of knowledge and care.

If you want to bring birds of certain species into your life, then you should know that there are many great choices. Canaries, parakeets and love birds make great pets. They are small birds that are easy to care for. But you should know that all birds are still wild animals at heart and can bite and claw. This frustrates many owners because they want a pet that they can actually interact with. With the right training and knowledge, you can have a great winged pet.