Helping You Pick Feeders Bird Baths

suet bird feeder

The beauty of your yard or garden is enhanced when you have bird baths or bird feeders in them. The colorful birds and the decorative bird feeders, as well as bird baths, add life to your garden. For those who enjoy birding as a hobby, a decorative bird feeder can be a perfect gift. Apart from beauty and the looks, considerable thought must be given to the utility and functionality of the feeders bird baths. One cannot be compromised for the other.

The bird bath is an artificial puddle of water created for the birds to have bath and drink water. A shallow basin is put on a pedestal and a depth of two inches is sufficient for the wild birds, as they do not submerge their entire body in the water. They just dip their wings and splash water all over the body. You can heat up the water in bird bath with solar bird baths. The wild and migratory birds can get warm water to bathe in during the winter from your backyard. You can even add a suet bird feeder during the winter months.

The hobby of birding comes with certain responsibilities. Ensuring a hygienic environment for the wild birds is one of them. When you want to enjoy the company of the colorful winged guests, you also need to be prepared to take care of the cleanliness of the feeders bird baths. If left unclean, the bird bath and the bird feeder can be a breeding ground of killer viruses and bacteria. Regular scrubbing of the bird baths and bird feeders and treating the water with special tablets will ensure that the birds feed and bath in a healthy environment.

The positioning of the feeders bird baths should be such that they provide shelter to the wild birds when there is a possibility of attack from birds of prey or other predators. Usually, a big tree or a big bush in your garden or yard can provide shelter. Bushes bearing berries can act both as shelter as well as a food source to the birds. When there is a sign of an attack, the birds can fly immediately and save themselves. With all the flying involved, migratory birds will love the warmth and safety of your feeders bird bath.