How To Make Squirrel Proof Feeders?

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Bird feeding is not an easy thing. You cannot simply put some bird food on a plate and set it under a tree. Soon there will be other uninvited guests eating all of the food and leaving nothing for the birds. Mice, squirrels and raccoons are some of the animals that will eat up the wild bird seed. Squirrels rank at the top of the chain and the pilfering habits of squirrels deprive the wild birds of their food. The only thing that can be done is to make your bird feeder squirrel proof.

There are many different bird feeders on the market for the wild species of birds you would like to attract. You will find that many of them are topped with plastic domes to keep the pesky squirrels from getting the wild bird food. The squirrel proof bird feeders have plastic domes fitted at the top and at the bottom. When the squirrels try to climb up the pole or descend the suspension wire they encounter the deterrent. Unable to tackle it they fall to the ground, spilling a little bit of seed in the process, which they eat. But the amazing thing is the creatures try this very trick again and again till they are full. Squirrels definitely find ingenuous ways of getting what they want from a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Squirrel proof feeders come with chambers that allow only small birds to enter and gain access to food, while preventing squirrels from doing so. A plastic coated metal netting around the bird feeder works as a perfect deterrent. Only the beaks of the birds reach the food ports. Do not apply jelly on the poles or the suspension wires. Though this may prevent the squirrels from eating the food meant for the migratory birds, the jelly may stick to the wings of some birds and make flying difficult for them.

To make the bird feeder completely squirrel proof your approach should be two pronged. While building or buying a squirrel resistant type of bird feeder is one approach, it should be coupled with another approach, which is making the food unpalatable to the squirrels. Safflower seeds and niger thistle are not liked by squirrels. Having large proportions of these foods in your bird feeder will ensure that you have peaceful bird feeding.