Parrots – Know more about this exotic bird.

The world of exotic birds is fascinating. There are many species of these fun loving and fast talking birds. Parrots make great pets but you should familiarize yourself with the different species first before owning one.

Parrots are a popular pet bird because they are highly intelligent when socialized and undergo training. These beautifully-colored birds are popular pets for people, because they aren’t difficult to manage and they mimic many sounds, such as that of the human voice.

There are many types of parrots in South America and Australia, including the various “Lorikeets“: the “Green Naped Lorikeet”, the “Blue Lorikeet”, and the “Rainbow Lorikeet” and many others. While some parrots are larger and look mightier compared to others, there are also those that are small in size and ordinary looking birds.

While parrots come in a beautiful array of colored feathers, it’s interesting to note that the dominant color in all is green. Depending on its species, some types of parrots come in multi-color shades that are usually a great combination of bright white, yellow, and green hues.

Although known for their standout colors, parrots also have strong bills and feet that allow for precise climbing and eating. When it comes to diet, the majority of parrots species out there are vegetarian while others east fruits, chicken meat and other lean meats and seeds of different types.

It has been shown through studies that the best pets for children are birds, from which, the parrots seem to be the most suitable. Aside from being intelligent birds, parrots are also ideal for kids especially for those who are starting to recite their first words because they can teach kids to imitate sounds and the human language as well. Due to their intellect and ease of training, the African Grey parrot are ideal smart parrots for your child.

Among the most favored species of parrots kept as pets are The African Gray, Cockatoos, Amazons and Macaws.