Relaxing With The Help Of Suet Feeders

wild birds

Birds are very relaxing to look at and listen to. Hearing them chirping away right in your very own backyard somehow gives you a sense of satisfaction and serenity. While a lot of homeowners do not really think it is practical, providing birds with the proper bird houses and bird feeders is very important, yet there are different types of bird feeders for different types of birds. One of the most popular is suet feeders.

A suet feeder can attract more wild birds to your backyard, especially when they are strategically placed. Woodpeckers, Tit Mice, Nuthatches, Chickadees and almost all types of birds love suet, yet there are different types of suet bird feeders. You can have something as simple as a wire cage or an old onion sack. Or better yet, try looking for simple logs and then drill holes into them.

If you love to attract different species of birds to your very own backyard, then try the log suet feeders. These are basically very simply logs with holes drilled into them. Although anybody can make log feeders, you can buy them ready made too. Just fill them with suet pieces or even your own recipes. If you are worried about squirrels, the use the squirrel proof bird feeders, like the sandwich feeders. These types of feeders use two pieces of wood, secured and bolted together with screws on both ends. Simply place your suet cake in between the wood for a worry-free and squirrel-free bird feeder. Since woodpeckers have quite long tongues, they can easily reach the treat. Chickadees and Nuthatches can also cling to the wood and feed easily.

Be sure to clean your suet feeders often. You can use bleach and not only will it clean the feeder, but it will also sanitize it. Seeing birds in your own backyard is always possible as long as proper bird feeders and lots of wild bird food are provided.