Carpet Cat Urine – How To Remove It?

Everyone that have a cat will have to do a very hard job, removing the cat urine from carpets. The urine of the cat is extremely concentrated and is extremely stinking because they drink only small quantities of water. The smell of ammonia is so extremely strong that it seems to be impossible to get rid of this horrible smell.

Since cat urine is based on protein it is very difficult to remove. This is for the reason that the urine of the cat is produced of 3 key elements. These are the shoddy substance known as the odor Uric acid function, Urochrome the pigments function and urea.

Removing the stink smell of cat urine requires an approach with different techniques.

Make only use of cat urine cleaners that don’t contain ammonia

Don’t underestimate the hardness of cat urine smell. You can’t get rid of it with normal household cleaning products like carpet, exterior and upholstery cleaners. These cat urine removers are not able to remove the cat urine smell; they only could camouflage the smell for a while. Don’t make use of cleaning products that have ammonia it for the reason that ammonia smells the same as cat urine and that is an invitation for the cat to visit the same spot. Your cat will still be able to smell the urine, which tells the cat that it’s a good spot to urinate.

Don’t use a usual household remover but one that is especially for removing cat urine odor

Purchase a high quality product one that is made especially to get rid of the urine odor. This product could be enzymatic, bacteria-based, chemical- based, or a combination of these. To put successfully an end to the horrible cat urine smell you need to use a great quality cat urine remover.

You must not scrub the mat

To find the exact spots on the carpet to scrub might be a big puzzle. Try hard to get rid of the cat urine from inside the carpet because the cat urine is not in the carpet but in the carpet padding deep below the carpet. You can achieve this by pressing down on some towels laid over the carpet or by putting some weighty books on top of a towel and let it site for twelve hours. Washing the carpet is not a brilliant idea as it will spread the urine deeper in the fibres of the carpet.