Cat Breeds: Selecting and Choosing Suitable Cats

A cat can make a wonderful pet. However, this may not always be the case and the kind of cat that will be right for you and your family should only be kept as pet to avoid hassles. To find this out it is necessary to learn about the various breeds of cats and choose judiciously. There are a number of cat breeds that are cute and can very easily adapt to living in your home and become excellent pets for you and your family. Some pet cats can be quite playful and can entertain children very well.


While proceeding to select the suitable breed certain things need to be considered. There are some breeds that are very loud and noisy while others are quiet. If you don’t mind noisy cats or even prefer them then the Korat, Siamese or Burmese cats can be chosen. Quieter breeds are the Scottish Fold, Somali or the American Curl cats.


Again you need to decide whether you wish to keep affectionate and cuddly pets or the ones that remain aloof and are more playful. If you can spend a lot of free time on your pet then the cuddly cats that crave for affection can be opted for. Otherwise it is better to get those that stay aloof.


Some cat breeds are friendlier then others. The Himalayan Persian, Ragdoll, Snowshoe, Abyssinian, and Maine Coon cats belong to this group while the Russian Shorthair, Nebelung and Norwegian Forest are less sociable. The inquisitive and mischievous cats that are always looking for amusement are the Siamese, Sphinx, Rex and Balinese breeds. These are best for those who have lot of time to be with their pets and amuse themselves seeing their pets playing some mischief. The Rex can especially be a great source of entertainment. Their silly acts can indeed be very enjoyable to watch.


Apart from the behavior and temperament of the cat the appearance and body features are important considerations too. Preference for long haired or short haired breeds counts importantly. Since short hair requires less caring, those who cannot spare too much time looking after and grooming the cat can choose short haired cat breeds.


It also needs to be decided wisely whether it is preferable to get a kitten or a little older cat or a full grown one that may have been abandoned. People usually opt for buying kittens from cat exhibitors who are seeking to sell out some of their kitten litter. The older cats can be secured from some place like an animal shelter.