Choose Cat and Raise A Kitten

I chanced upon Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats recently and was curious to take a look, so I coughed up the cash and bought it.  It turned out to be a great purchase, and certainly at $9.99 was little risk.  It is a simply put but thorough study of what you have to understand about owning cats and raising kittens.  Too many people make big problems when selecting a feline as friend and end up grievous when it encounters problems.  A little preparation beforehand goes quite a long way towards paving that onward road with wonder instead of troubles.

The book starts off with a summary of some of the popular cat breeds.   Are you looking for a energetic cat that will go like gangbusters all day?  Do you want an affectionate cat that is cuddly?  Do you want a quiet cat or gregarious one?  Following on is a overview of the pros and cons of male, female, neuter or no, long hair or short, pure bred or mixed, and the important decision of buying a kitten vs buying cat.  This summary will get you on the road to selecting the breed of cat that’s right to fit your desires.

Now we head into some practical tips and tricks on cat-proofing your home, assisting your cat or kitten get used to your home and family, breaking them into the swing of things cautiously and consistently.  Felines can become stressed out with change and newness, so pushing them along into unfamiliar places can have awful consequences for the adjustment period.  You will find out all about what supplies you will need to care for your new feline friend and the items you must get to make sure everything is ready.

Another interesting and informative topic is the exercisingand feeding of your pets.   From not feeding enough to that growing kitten to an appropriate eating regime for the adult cat and means to keep them exercising, you find lots of great tips and tricks listed.  Next, segue to common cat health problems there, where you will grow to understand about the usual sicknesses that your cats can be afflicted with, all about vet visits, shots, spaying, neutering, grooming points and what you can do to keep them happy and healthy.

The next main section of the book goes over usual feline behavioral patterns.  What does a cat’s body language inform you about it’s mood?  Non-verbal cues supplemented by vocal patterns assist you to communicate with your cats, and until they figure out human communication it’s going to be your methods of choice.  Why do they knead us?  What does clawing signify?  From here you will be taught how to help shape why your cats do what they do and help prevent them from dangerous acts.

In the end, the book finishes up with a list of feline oriented organizations that you will find useful and a informative dictionary of feline related terms and acronyms that refer to felines and detailed explanations you should intuit.  All in all, I was quite pleased with the book and consider it wonderfully informative.  I am glad to endorse this handy and useful book, and it’s definitely a steal at only $9.99!  See the Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats order page for further details and how to order. It is a simply put but well thought out primer for what you have to understand about choosing a cat breed and how to raise a kitten that you definitely must read!