Description Of The Himalayan Cat Breed


A Himalayan cat breed is actually a Persian cat and Himalayan cat bred together. The long hair is something from the Persian while the seal points are from the Siamese cat.  A Himalayan cat can be best described as a longhaired cat with the markings of a Persian kitten. The breed has a distinctly sociable behavior of the Siamese cat. You can expect your Himalayan cat breed to have a sweet temper and show signs of being highly intelligent. Due to inbreeding, this breed may be prone to abnormalities and birth defects.


Taking Care Of Your Himalayan Cat Breed


A Himalayan cat breed has similar needs to other kittens. The degree of difference lies mainly on the maintenance of the coat. Bathing of the Himalayan cat breed should be kept at a minimum of once a month or when the cat is dirty enough to warrant the need for a bath. Cats do not really enjoy bathing and too frequent bathing can upset the balance of the cat’s coat making it more prone to drying up or skin problems. Brushing may also benefit the both the Himalayan cat breed and cat since this can lessen the appearance of hairballs.  

The Himalayan cat breed also needs to eat the right kind of kitten food. Supplements may be necessary for the proper growth and abundance of its fur while kitten food that meets the demands of all kinds of kittens should be recommended by your veterinarian. Fresh water should be at hand always in a spot that the Himalayan cat breed recognizes as a comfort zone or some place that it may consider its own. This means that the place where the kitten food is served along with where the fresh water is kept should be consistent, especially if in side the home.  

A warm spot for it to sleep should be made ready for it. This should be in a spot where there is less traffic and somewhere that the Himalayan cat breed can call its own. Some experts recommend putting a sort of carrier, box or basket that gives the impression of protecting the cat when it is inside. This will give the kitten a sense of having a sort of cave or hole to which it can retreat to when stressed or not wanting to be disturbed. 

Taking care of a Himalayan cat breed can entail regular brushing as well as bathing to ensure that the coat is kept clean and free from parasites or tangles. Other than the long coat, the care for the Himalayan cat breed is pretty similar to that of other breeds.