Encountering Senior Cat Health Problems

 What do we do when we are not feeling well? Well when we are sick we go to the doctor who detects what’s wrong with us and if required will give us some medicine to make us feel better. When we get home we take the prescribed medication and perhaps go to sleep. For our elderly cats when encountering a senior cat health problem, the steps are the same only that the elderly cat must depend on its human friend to understand they aren’t feeling well, pack them into the cat carrier and whisk them off to their own doctor to find out what is making them fill ill and then get medicine so they can feel better. 

Observing Senior Cat Health Problems 

Even though a cat can be solitary and independent creature, it’s important to be familiar with and be aware of your cat’s behavior. A couple of issues that can signal distress in your cat include constant scratching, for example, which could stem from an active flea problem or your cat could have allergies. Something else to look for is drooling, shying away from anything that gets too near to the face and the inability to eat dry food. This can signal that the cat has a bad tooth that could need to be extracted. Check their paws for splinters that can become infected or broken nails. 

Recognizing A Severe Senior Cat Health Problems 

Observing your cat repeatedly going to the litter box with no results can signal a cat urinary health issue. This health problem can be found in both male and female cats and can be caused by sediment building up in the tract making it impossible for the cat to pass any urine. This can quickly become a dangerous illness for your cat and should you observe this behavior, call your veterinarian immediately and apprise them of the situation. In most cases an immediate visit to the doctor is required so the veterinarian can place a catheter in the cat to empty the bladder. If this is not done, the urine can back up into the kidneys.  

Treating A Severe Senior Cat Health Problems 

Deciding on a course of treatment for your pet once a cat urinary health issue has arisen will be determined by your veterinarian and can include a change in what type of food your cat will be able to eat along with medication to help keep the problem from reoccurring.  Keeping up to date on all information relating to senior cat health problems that your feline may be experiencing along with cat related health problems in general will help you in recognizing the signs of distress when your cat is not feeling well. Understanding their behavior enables us to better care for their overall health and well being.


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