How About Something Different This Christmas?

This Christmas, wouldn’t it be nice to see your daughter or son’s little face light up when they look down and see the cute cat that they got from Santa?  Pets are climbing the want list this holiday season and cute cats are easy to care for and make great pets!

Pet Care

Cats are a lot easier to take care of then dogs.  You don’t have to walk them, they basically potty train themselves, and they are generally less hyper and rambunctious than a dog is.  All you need to care for your new cute cat is a litter box and some food. A dog would need more time and attention as well as daily walks and lots of bones to keep them from chewing the furniture.  Cute cats like to play and get petted as well, but they don’t require constant attention like a dog would.  Since cats aren’t as hyper and needy as dogs are, you don’t have to kennel them when you go to work, or find a pet sitter to walk them while you’re on vacation.

Why A Cat?

Cat’s make better pets for a child than a kitten would, depending on the age of the child.  Sometimes a kid can be a little rough at first and may scare the kitten and cause it to be more withdrawn and independent.  A cute cat will give all the fun of a new cuddly pet, with more patience for a child.  Also, when comparing cats and dogs, cats are far less dangerous, and easier to care for, and you don’t have to bathe them!  We all know that children hate chores!

Where Can We Get One?

A great place to find a cat is at an animal shelter.This place should be watched first, keeping in mind that these kittens are very much in need of a loving family.  You can adopt a cute cat with all of its shots that is spayed or neutered relatively cheap.  This is ideal because you won’t have to take it to the vet immediately, and these pets are usually inspected and fairly healthy.  This is especially important when shopping for your cat because so many “outdoor” cats get pregnant and have up to eight babies a litter causing so many of them to be discarded by families into these types of shelters.You will find a quite a few animal shelters situated near to your house which are willing to sell you a cute cat for your young one.