How Does Cat Pet Training Work?

Many cat owners are probably not aware that cat pet training can actually work. There are limitations as to what your cat will do.

If you want your cat to fetch you your morning paper, fetch a stick that you have thrown or rollover and play dead, then don't buy a cat, get yourself a dog.

Training a cat is not the same as training a dog. Cats are independent animals, however they will respond to treats and rewards, basically they will want to know what is in it for them if they do something for you. Fling a stick for your cat, and it will think "yeah right"? if it is that valuable, then you should go get it".

Using punishment to train a cat will not work either; all it will do is alienate the cat from coming anywhere near you. The only way to train your cat is by reward. This is about giving your cat a reward when it does something that you want it to, not when it does something that you don't want it to.

Punishing your cat when it misbehaves is the wrong approach, you will get further by ignoring what it has done and depriving your cat of any attention, each time it misbehaves. Contrary to popular believe, cats do want attention, regardless of how aloof they may come across. Cats are clever creatures and need interesting things to do to stop them becoming bored. When your cat misbehaves and you don’t supply any attention or stimulus, it will register this in its brain, and your cats problems with behaviour can increase.

Cat pet training can work if the training is based on reward, and not punishment. You should act in this way whenever your cat behaves well. Give your cat lots of attention and a treat if it uses it's litter tray. If it begins to use a scratching post instead of your furniture, you should go overboard with praise and attention. Your cat will soon learn that it will get some kind of reward for behaving in a particular way.

Try to give as much attention to your cat as possible, begin this in the early days when it is still a kitten so that it gets used to this behavior. When you ignore your cat after it misbehaves, it will focus more on doing things that gets it attention.

Cat pet training does work, it’s just a question of doing the right things, and knowing how your cat’s mind works, realise this and cat training becomes easier.