Myths Prevalent About Black Cat

If you’ve ever had a black cat cross your path, you probably felt a feeling of dread. That’s because there’s a certain stigma associated with the black cat. They’re not supposed to cross your path as it could give you bad luck, as the old superstition goes. Why do black cats have such a reputation? There are many theories.

Witches Pets

Ever since people have believed in the existence of witches, we’ve seen them with a pet. This pet is usually a black cat. Maybe it’s because of their dark appearance or maybe it stems from an even further legend as to why witches, if they even exist, choose a black cat as their faithful friend. Whatever it is, every year, come Halloween time, you’ll see plenty of witches and you’ll see plenty of black felines right along with them. Maybe it’s the witches that gave black cats such a bad name. Or, maybe it was something else entirely.

The point is, the black cat has gotten a bad rep. A lot of animal shelters do not allow people to buy a black feline in order to avoid it’s use in any evil ceremony. It sounds very said, and it is, but it’s also true. This stigma towards the black cat has to stop. They are just as loving and pure and friendly and kind as any other breed of cat.

If you are ever wanting a cat, don’t believe all of those stupid superstitions. Just go out and get yourself a cat, even if it’s a black one. If it crosses your path, be thankful, because all it’s probably trying to do is rub up against your legs as cats sometimes do. You should not be afraid. After all it is only a cat with a specific color that makes some people perceive it as evil or demonic. This is just nonsense and people should forget the fairy tales and love a black feline just as they would any other color cat.

Black cats aren’t evil and they deserve to be treated as a pet, just as cats are intended to be. Once you see that your cat isn’t the demonic being everyone makes it out to be, you can go on educating all of those hard headed people who avoid black cats as they would a loose wild tiger, which, again, is just nonsense.