Sometimes Cats Need Help With their Grooming

Most cats are self-sufficient as far as their cleanliness goes. However, sometimes you still need to do your part in order to keep them at optimal health and cleanliness. You can help to maintain your cat’s good looks by keeping her hair clean and neat. Frequent trimming, brushing and combing of your cat’s hair are the ways to achieve this.

Proper cat grooming helps to ensure that your pet remains free from ticks and fleas. It also gives you a chance to inspect the cat for signs of abnormalities such as inflamed skin or bald spots. Here are some simple grooming tips that will help your cat look her best at all times.

You should purchase some essential cat grooming tools in order to make the job easier and more effective. Some of the items you’re looking at are a brush, comb, scissors and grooming glove, all of which should be made specifically for this purpose.

When brushing your cat’s hair, use a brush that has lots of tiny pins. It should also have a small head to ensure easier brushing. It’s important that you brush your cat in the same direction as her hair grows. Otherwise, you might have one furious cat on your hands, not to mention several scratches.

Another part of grooming your cat is giving her a bath from time to time. For best results use a small carrier and a towel with which to keep your cat calm. Choose a shampoo formulated for cats that will lather well. The shampoo should also be effective at relieving dryness and flaking on your cat’s skin.

An important aspect of cat grooming involves ensuring that your cat’s hair doesn’t become matted and tangled. If you own a long haired cat, you must trim it on a regular basis. It requires using a proper pair of grooming scissors along with a comb. Be careful not to accidentally puncture or scratch your cat’s sensitive skin.

Cat grooming gloves are a wonderful tool to help with shedding problems. They also make brushing easier and gentler. Find a pair that can be easily laundered. Usually, you can also use these gloves to clean up cat hair from your carpet and furniture.

Make sure that you use your pet grooming tools in a way that is soothing and pleasurable to your cat. There’s no doubt that with the proper tools, your cat will avoid bad hair days and appear sleek and well groomed.