Strange Cat Behavior– What To Be Concerned About

Cats are capable of being fascinating companions. The majority of the time they can be wonderful to have around, but there are some strange cat behavior that can irritate even the most enduring owner.

Missing The Litter Box

 You know that there is something wrong when a cat or kitten has a problem when they being to urinate in places other than their kitty litter or the place in which they have been taught to go. The first step is to clean out the litter box on a regular basis so that it is nice smelling. No one likes an unclean toilet! This could possibly resolve the crisis. If not, take your cat to the vet for a once over. Your cat could have a physical problem that might be making it hard for them to make it to the box in time. After having your cat looked at by a veterinarian for possible physical problems which could have caused this strange cat behavior, there are other ways in which you can assist your cat back to toileting where it is supposed to.

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Can Your Cat Have This Problem   

Did you know that a few cats develop behaviors that are obsessive compulsive, like tail chewing, excessive licking, wool-sucking, or fur-pulling? Characteristic physical problems could be something as negligible as fleas or as major as neuropathy. So having your cat looked at by its vet is a smart first choice.

 Excessive Fear Or Inhibition Results In A Scaredy Cat 

There are a few cats that have an excessive fear or inhibition around people. If you show patience and love the cat can grow out of the timid state. But do not rush this process, as you can make it worse and it can result in a cat behavior that is violent and bites or scratches. 

The majority of kittens are socialized as they grow up, by being held by a variety of different people who smell different and act different. If your kitten didn’t get this advantage, it may grow into a reserved and nervous adult cat. Give it time to come out, then reward “showing up” with a food treat it likes. You will be able to coax it out with a trail of food leading to its bowl, moving the bowl a bit each day. Talk tenderly to it, letting it warm up slowly. While your cat may never be fully socialized and welcome contact with others, it can still be a nice family pet. 

Anxious And Apprehensive Cats 

You will find that there are a few cats that feel a lot of stress and anxiety. This stress can lead to additional cat behavior problems, like depression or litter box avoidance. If these symptoms (of stress and anxiety) become visible unexpectedly, first make sure the cat’s heath is ok with the vet. If your cats health is ok, then you would want to look at the cat’s environment could be contributing to the stress level.