Tips For Making Funny Cat Videos

Ever since the invention of the video camera, people have been recording their pets. Funny cats, in particular, are very fun to watch as they are some of the most curious animals on the planet and will get into just about anything to investigate. If you’ve ever been putting groceries away and had your cat crawl into a paper bag only to freak out when it couldn’t find its way out, you know exactly what a funny video that would make. Many people submit their funny cat videos to certain shows that showcase funny pet videos where people can win prizes. In case, you are a proud owner of a funny cat and your pet is always entertaining your entire family through its fun acts then you should probably be always ready with a video camera in order to claim your funny cat video award.

Camera Phones

Many cell phones nowadays come complete with video technology. This implies that every time your favorite funny cat gets into action, you can use your phone to record the action. Whether your cat is playing with the hamster cage or its watching the fish or maybe your funny cat is intently watching the television, these are the things that make hilarious videos. You usually have your phone on you so, if you have video capabilities, you should be able to catch anything your funny cat does as soon as you see it start to happen.

Love Your Cat

Just because you have a funny cat doesn’t mean that you should put it in harms way just to get a video that could possibly win you a prize. If your cat is about to do something that could harm it in any way, use your better judgment, put the camera down and get your cat out of the situation immediately. Just make sure that you do not video tape your cat putting its head under the grinder, although it might look funny to you. It may harm your cat and video taping the incident is just as bad as abusing your animal. Be smart and record only innocent acts of your funny cats might perform at leisure.

Once you have that prized video in hand, send it off and pray that your funny cat brings you fortune and fame. If nothing else, at least it brought a few laughs, which is as good a prize as any.