Two Unusual Rare Cat Breeds

There are many types of cats, you have your exotic cats, you have your domestic tabby cats and then you have your more unusual rare cat breeds. If you are looking for a rare cat breed then you have a few options that your can choose from. Here we will discuss the Sphinx and the British Shorthair, both rare and both very beautiful cats.




The Sphinx is a rare cat breed that you might want to think about and one of the most unforgettable since they are hairless. In fact the Sphinx is not always completely hairless there can be a fine down on the body, similar to that on a newborn baby.


One of the features that make them so extraordinary is the surface of the Sphinx skin. It has been compared to a suede-covered hot water bottle of heated chamois. These are impressive cats which are medium sized and strong. They characteristically have strong boning and superior muscle development and the adult cats tend to be bigger than the female cats.


As well, this rare cat breed requires a particular cat diet, so you are required to make sure that you are feeding them the correct foods if you want them to be healthy and do their best.


British Shorthair


The British Shorthair is another rare cat breed that you may be fascinated in. These are considered as being the oldest English breed of cat, one which was first appreciated for its physical strength and hunting capability.


Soon they became known for other reputable characteristics, and they are recognized as being a comparatively rare cat in the United States and other areas of the world.


These cats continue to get more and more popular and because of their easygoing nature and intelligence, they are one of the most well loved breeds of cat.


Here are just two types of breed which would make incredible pets and are considered as being rare. Whether you are just interested in the look of these types of cats or just want a cat that is going to make for a fascinating conversation, going with one of these rare cat breeds is a fantastic idea.


Just make certain that you are equipped for the cat prior to bringing it home. You are going to need to have toys for it to play with, healthy food for it to eat, and a trainer if you want the cat to be well behaved.