Typical Cat Health Problems and Cures

Healthy Cats

If you have never had a cat before, you may be surprised to learn how often they can have health problems.

No matter what breed of cat you own, cat health is one of the major topics you will have to know about.  Some problems can be expected in any breed. Even though some are easily prevented, others are hereditary. Worms are a common and recurring problem for every breed of cat.

Cats are more susceptible to getting Tapeworms, Roundworms and Hookworms. You should contact your vet and have your cat tested for worms if he or she has problems gaining weight, fleas, or if you see white spots in his or her stool. Please make certain that you have them treated with medication, otherwise worms can prove to be fatal.

Hairballs are the most common health problem for cats. Cats often swallow loose hair from their coats during their daily self grooming rituals. Sometims the stray hair will become a large ball and get caught in the cat’s digestive tract instead of passing through the stool. When your cat starts to cough and hack, he is normally coughing up a hairball – as a popular cat owner manual confirmed recently. Cats usually are able to expel hairballs without complication. In rare cases, a hairball can pass through to a cats intestine, creating a blockage.

Blockages are very serious problems, and can be life threatening if they arent treated. A change in appetite, constipation and a dull coat could be an indication that your cat has a blockage. You should make an appointment with the vet as soon as you notice any of these symtoms.

By brushing your cat several times a week removes excess hair preventing hairballs and blockages. You can also feed him food that is designed to control hairballs as well. Urinary tract infection is also a common health problem with cats.

Female and male cats can suffer from urinary tract infections, however, this is more likely to occur in male cats that have not been neutered. This problem is usually the culprit when your cat(s) suddenly stops going to their litter box. If a cat’s urine smells unusually strong, the cat may have a urinary tract infection and should be taken to the vet. Your vet can treat the problem with medicine, and make recommendations to help avoid this problem in the future.

In the past, feline leukemia was the biggest cause of death in cats. These days however, there are vaccines available that can treat the disease. To treat the disease, your cat will need to be given the shot before he or she is exposed. Even though death doesnt happen immediately, cats that are exposed to feline leukemia normally don’t have a long life span. If you know your cat has feline leukemia, you should never allow other cats around him, as the virus is highly contagious.

To protect your cat, you should always make sure that you take him to the vet for his regular check ups. If you keep him up to date on his vaccinations, he should lead a healthy and productive life. Although some health problems can’t be avoided, most of them can. If you take cat care seriously, take him to the vet and keep him healthy he will be your companion for years to come.