Dog And Puppy Care Tips

There is a lot work to looking after a dog or puppy and he or she will take up a lot of time, you must be prepared to clean up dog poo every day, until your dog is house trained, or when you take him for a walk.

Training a dog can be hard, especially if you aren’t used to dog training. Simple acts can produce the best and quickest results. You have to understand how a dog would live if he were living in a dog pack. There is always a leader of the pack the alpha male, and you will have to become the alpha, so your dog will know you are in charge and will obey and follow you.

Don’t let any of this put you off, a dog is a wonderful companion and will give you lots of love, with the added bonus if needed, of protecting you. Remember they need plenty of love, attention, and petting as well, so enjoy your best friend.

The following tips will help you look after your dog properly and have a good relationship

Dog problems

Dogs like to dig, they like to bury bones, not good if you are a keen gardener. Being social animals dogs tend to dig when they are lonely. Spending more time with him or her should help if this becomes a problem. Sometimes when they dig they eat the soil, this can be because they are lacking in vitamins and nutrients. Check you pet’s health with a vet and if there is nothing wrong, buy a good dog vitamin pill, and this should help keep that digging at bay.

Potty Training

The best way to deal with doggie potty trainig, is to reward your puppy when he or she gets it right. Never rub his nose in it when he has an accident or hit him, he will know from your face and tone of your voice that he has got it wrong. If the occasional whoopsie does happen, remember urine stains do wash out and it isn’t the end of the world.

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