Dog Training Secrets

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By Jim Nettleton

If you’re as much of a dog lover as I am, you’re well aware that a dog plays a special role in a home. He is part of the family. Just as we train and teach our kids, we should also teach and train our dog. It is a proud feeling to have a dog that is well mannered and obedient. The dog appreciates it too, knowing that he’s pleasing his human friends. It does not come naturally for them to obey. Hence, they need to be shown, through firmness and kindness, but never through physical pain. Never, ever hit or smack a dog as it will only make them more nervous or aggressive, not to mention that it’s cruel. Instead you need to have a lot of patience and perseverance as well.

Whether you decide to train your dog yourself, with the guidance of someone else, or a handbook training course, please remember the most important thing – any type of action has to be done again and again. It is only when it is repeated that he will get the hang of it. Humans aren’t the only species that is forgetful, dogs are too. They need to be reminded often and instructions need to be repeated again and again. But once he is trained, he will hardly need any instruction again. The training will be permanently imbedded. He will be well behaved and will possess a good temperament. Everyone loves a dog that follows its master’s commands and is well behaved. For in depth training information, visit my training site through the link in my resource box below.

Also when you train him, make him understand who is boss. Dogs have a tendency to take over and try to be the boss, if they realize that the owner is not taking the initiative. Training together also brings you both closer together and strengthens your relationship. There are many good schools in case you want to send him elsewhere to be trained. It is this training that could save his or yours. It is when a trained dog knows what to do, that he will salvage a situation. It is also every important to understand his speed of learning and his overall ability to learn, as many dogs possess varying levels of those qualities. And if you want him to be well trained, then understanding his feelings and taking them into consideration is a big part of the package.

Many training regimens are good for the dog in many ways. Fetching, for example, gets your dog much needed exercise. The dog also enjoys it because he recognizes it as play and, therefore, fun. Truth be told, it’s fun for humans, too. And we as a group can also certainly use the exercise.

About the author:

Jim Nettleton is a radio and TV professional and a lifelong dog lover. Visit his training site at: