Miniature Poodle

In general, poodles are dogs that love fun and have a nice reserved temperament, if you need to have a pet that your family will love, then you might want to consider getting a miniature poodle. Read on and find out more information on the miniature poodle and use these as guides for making your decision in addition to knowing what you can expect when you bring the miniature poodle home.

The Concerns

One of the things you may be concerned about when it comes to your miniature poodle is grooming. Poodle hair tends to be thick and curly, so you’ll need to make sure that your puppy is groomed as often as possible. The standard grooming cut for puppies is relatively short hair all over the body, and you may need to do this about once a month or so to keep your pet looking great. Colors of miniature poodles include brown, cafe-au-lait, white or black varieties will be featured in pet stores across the country, and you can also have your pet grooming professional apply temporary dye to your poodle’s coat for a special occasion; red, apricot, blue, silver, or gray are acceptable colors, and won’t damage your dog’s coat.

Learning about your dog’s temperament is also ideal before you buy your miniature poodle. You may have to socialize your dog as a puppy, since poodles tend to be very reserved when dealing with strangers. Miniature poodles tend to bark a lot as well, which means that will do a good job of alerting you if something goes wrong in the home. In most cases, your dog will like to play with children, but some poodle varieties can be a little high-strung, so try to see the parents or even grandparents of the puppies you are considering before taking them home. Your miniature poodle will also be great at learning tricks in most cases, which means you can entertain family and friends.

The miniature poodle generally has a pretty long life span as well, but you’ll need to watch out for certain genetic problems that can arise. Cataracts is common in all poodle varieties, and retinal atrophy could cause blindness, so you’ll need to take your poodle to the vet often for vision and nervous system checkups. Your poodle should also be checked for runny eyes and ear infections often. And, poodle skin tends to be sensitive; allergies and skin rashes can occur when certain types of dog shampoo or dyes are used, and clippers could cause skin conditions in poodles as well. Make sure that your grooming facility uses sanitized and hypo-allergenic materials when grooming your poodle.

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