Add Variety To Your Pet’s Diet By Giving Raw Organic Dog Food

Who says that dogs are always enjoying their food? Yes, they do. Imagine eating the same thing over and over, every day for the rest of your life. Although experts will advise you to feed your dog the same type of food, sooner or later your pet will not touch its food or will show boredom. There are pet owners who would do everything to lease their pets. And one way is to give them raw organic dog food.

Why raw organic dog food, you might ask? The modern wolf, although domesticated and well-evolved, still has that craving for raw meat since it is a direct descendant of the wolf. Yes, it is true. By feeding your pet raw organic dog food every now and then, you are giving it a big favor since raw food contains the purest form of nutrients. Going organic makes raw food better because the meat doesn’t contain any chemicals, steroids, hormones or any toxins.

You might find several packaged raw organic dog food that are labelled human-grade meat or free-range meat. Free-range means the animal was not confined in a pen or cage such as in the case of sheep, cows and chickens. Human-grade means the meats are fit to be eaten even by humans and that they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Raw organic dog food is not all-meat because it also has veggies and fruits. In some cases, instead of buying a packaged variant, some pet owners prepare their own version of this dog food at home. They buy organic produce and meats, and just keep them in freezers. As for the fruits and vegetables, you need to be selective because there are certain varieties that can be harmful to dogs. Onions, leeks, grapes and strawberries are just few of the toxic ones that you must not fee your pets. You can browse the net for a complete list of fruits and veggies that are good and bad for your dog to help you when it’s time to shop.

You can feed your pet raw organic dog food without having to change its usual diet. You’ll be surprised at how your pet becomes more energetic and excited when it’s eating time, thanks to the added variety that you’ve provided.