The Quick And Easy Way To Potty Train Your Puppy

You may have just brought home an adorable new puppy pal! Beside enjoying your little pal, you also want to protect your home so your furnishings and carpets aren’t ruined. What should you do now?

One of your first jobs is to teach your puppy where to relieve himself so your home won’t be damaged. How can that be accomplished?

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Dogs act mainly from habits that have been developed over a period of time and that fact can help you as a dog owner. As the dog owner, you need to install the habits of your choice. Don’t let your pet create his own habits that you might not appreciate. Puppies have limitations and you need to be aware of them. He can’t wait for long periods of time to relieve himself since his bladder is so small. Understanding and patience will help you deal with your puppy’s limitations.

Yelling or screaming at your puppy if there is an accident won’t help. You’ll need to exercise patience with your new pal. If your puppy has an accident on the living room carpet, be gentle with him. Tell him “no” in a gentle way. Then pick him up and place him where you do want him to go potty. Then tell him to go potty in that place in your own words.

You’ll probably want to invest in a crate to use for training your puppy since he won’t want to soil it while he’s in it. A dog playpen can also be used for training purposes.

Be aware that there are certain times when your new pal is more likely to want to relieve himself. First thing in the morning is one of the times when your puppy will need to relieve himself. Eating activates your puppy’s elimination process, so he’ll probably want to relieve himself after any meal he eats. Be sure to take your puppy to his designated toilet area before he goes to bed at night. Play time will probably activate your puppy’s urge to relieve himself.

Your new pet needs close supervision. If he goes potty on his own outside, be sure to praise him immediately. If he should go potty inside the house, you need to gently but sternly let him know that isn’t the right place to go. Be sure to praise your puppy when he does go in the correct place. He really needs your approval.

Your puppy will often let you know when he’s about to relieve himself. Wandering off, sniffing and circling are signs that your puppy is ready to relieve himself. You might catch him waiting by the door.

Patience and kindness goes a long way in dog training. Be sure to spend time training your new pal to urinate or deficate where you have chosen for him to go. The time and effort you put into training your new pal will be worth it when he knows the right time and place to relieve himself.

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