Tips To Choosing Quality Dog Food

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When searching for quality dog food brands it is vital that you read the label and have the knowledge to understand and interpret the information you find. When glancing at the label, look for the first oil or fat that is listed. All items placed above the first fat source are considered to be the main ingredients along with the first fat source. The other items shown on the label are typically added to the dog food for flavor, as preservatives, to aid in the processing of the food or for health benefits such as minerals or vitamins.

It is important that you check the ingredients for their nutritional value. However, due to the names the manufacturers use for food items it can be somewhat difficult to analyze the usefulness of the food substances. It is difficult to know what quality grade of food items they are placing in the foods as well as the quantity of the ingredients.

Surf Manufacturer’s Websites

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) does not allow dog food manufacturers to place information on the labels regarding the quality of the food substances. It is important to read the information that is available on the websites of the various pet food companies and carefully read the information they provide about the quality of the ingredients they use in their products.


Protein is the most vital substance in your dogs diet and you want to make sure the food you serve your pet uses quality sources of protein. Quality dog foods usually have a meat meal listed as the first ingredient on the label or a meat with the second ingredient being a meat meal substance. Meat by-products are not high quality protein sources. If the label mentions a specific type of meat meal, such as chicken meal this type of protein source is not inferior to whole meats. Stay away from products that does not indicate the animal in which the meat source was derived from.

Regarding fats look for chicken fat, herring oil canola oil, sunflower oil, flax oil and other fat sources with specific names. Check and see if it contains Omega three and Omega six fats on the label. Try to avoid foods that contain ingredients like poultry fat, animal fat, and other non specific sources of fat.

Look for whole grains which may also be categorized as meal or ground and also look for fresh vegetables. Avoid products that are filled with too much grain fragments and flour. Also the performance dog food are typically preserved with natural substances such as vitamins. Always read the label provided to ensure you’re buying a good product.