What Is The Best Dog Arthritis Medication? Natural or Synthetic?


Arthritis affects not only people but also their dear pets as well especially pet dogs. Statistics say that in US about 25% of pets are affected by arthritis. As a loving owner of dogs and lover, you should pay attention that your pal is always in good mood, cheerful and that it has no problem with eating. But if you do notice changes in your dog’s state of physical activity and mind like having difficulty in sitting down, standing, or even finds it hard to climb stairs or if it gained weight or its moods changed you should most likely that you need to pay your veterinarian a visit. You furry pal could have arthritis. Some owners who are emotionally attached to their pets have not second thoughts in bringing their beloved to the vet. The veterinarian will do an examination and an X-ray to your dog. And when everything is done, he can prescribed some over-the-counter medications for your dog. However, not all medications or dog arthritis treatment is best for the health of your pet. They can do wonders but they might have side-effects, too, just like medications for humans. That’s why, you can hear your vet saying that you have to make sure you give the right dosage or else…

Now, that is a very dreadful part. If you can’t manage to give your dog the right amount of medication it needs, it will be perilous for him. For some people, medications are not good for both humans and dogs alike that’s why, they would resort to other things and those other things can come in the form of a natural dog joint supplement and right now, there are virtual pet stores on the Internet that offer these kinds of herbal medications for dogs.

But the only problem is, because of so many choices, the owner of a dog with arthritis can have a hard time choosing for the best and of course, the safest product. That’s why, it’s always recommended that he should try to read first some product reviews and/or testimonies for other dog owners on what kind of arthritis dog supplement is best for their furry best friend.