The Benefits of Worm Farming

There has been a large following for making our environment a little greener.Our natural environment has come to the forefront of society in recent years; for many different reasons.  One of the best ways to make your house a little “greener” is to start a worm farm!

Worm farming is not something new.This is a very large commercial industry.If you want, you can actually grow worms right in your own house.

So, what is the benefit of this ?  One of the main benefits is that worms will actually eat your day to day waste.Instead of throwing away trash in your kitchen; feed it to your worms, as they will eat almost anything.Society will benefit as well, because you will be feeding your worms instead of adding garbage to the local land fill!

Another benefit of worm farming is that the worm castings are great for your lawn and garden .  When the worms digest the food, they excrete what is called “worm castings” or worm poop.  This is a highly nutrient rich by product that is highly sought after by avid gardeners and green lawn enthusiasts.  In fact, many people pay top dollar to have this worm fertilizer shipped to them by the pound.

Now, just like a normal fertilizer, you can take the worm poop and sprinkle it out on your lawn; all for free.Make sure to water it well, and your grass will become very green.  Also, as mentioned, this worm compost is great on your vegetable garden (or other garden) as well.

Try having a worm farm at your home.To begin, you don’t need much.  You just need some worms, a bin to put them in, some worm bedding, and some food.  The worm bedding is simply some shredded up newspaper or cardboard.Their natural home is dirt; so make sure to put some in at the bottom.

You will be making the world a little greener by raising worms, and you will have reduced your household garbage and made your lawn a little greener.