Salt Water Fishes

Repeat Buyer Program is very pleased to offer a Repeat Buyer Program! We would like to thank the tens of thousands of you that constantly make repeat purchases from our company. So many of you continue to purchase from us again and again, many of whom have passed the 50 order mark, and we wanted to offer you something in return for your loyalty. We have designed a Repeat Buyer Program that entitles you to free fish, corals, or inverts for each of your repeat purchases.

The way the program works is each live goods purchase places you into a corresponding “Level”. Each Level (1,2,3, etc.) will offer you a choice of different free items each time you order. Our system will recognize you once you’ve logged into the shopping cart and notify you of the level you’ve reached, along with your choice of free items. The free items will change from time to time. Please remember that the free item may occasionally be substituted if we run out of stock on that item, and the free item is not part of the guarantee program.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best possible live fish, corals, and invertebrates from around the world and we want to thank you for recognizing that with your repeated purchases from our company. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Current Specials:

Have you been missing out on PAST Member Specials like:

  • $1.99 Lettuce Nudibranch – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Yellow Tangs – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Cleaner Shrimp – Free Shipping
  • $19.99 Purple Tangs – Free Shipping
  • $29.99 Powder Blue Tangs – Free Shipping
  • $29.99 Blonde Naso Tangs – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Royal Grammas – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Ricordea – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Emerald Crabs – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Porcelain Crabs – Free Shipping
  • $29.99 Flame Angels – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Peppermint Shrimp – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Coral Banded Shrimp – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Feather Dusters – Free Shipping
  • $1.99 Firefish – Free Shipping
  • $9.99 Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp – Free Shipping