Dog food secret: A review about the Dog Care Secrets product

Dog Food Secrets Contents Overview

The ebook Dog Food Secrets reveals many hidden facts in the dog food conspiracy relating to commercially prepared dog food. This book reveals that you may be decreasing the lifespan of your pet dog by feeding them commercial dog food. It is suggested that feeding home cooked dog food can result in a longer life for your pet by as much as 134%.

A dog food secret reviews reveals a wealth of information from this ebook of much value to the dog owner. The book quickly reveals the actual content of dog food which is commercially prepared and lets the concerned pet owner learn about all the hidden chemicals and toxins in the food which are not mentioned in the ingredients. It even explains how this is allowed to happen and the fact that this practice is legal.

User Feedback on Dog Food Secrets

Some online users are skeptical and think this site is spam or just advertising with no content, however these people have not even tried or read the e-book, so we can’t count these judgments. According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), the Dog Food Secrets package is an effective solution for learning about better dog nutrition and solving dog health problems (see their website for the common problems that can be solved).

This material helps you prepare homemade food for your dog based on the simple recipes in this ebook. This information is a must for anyone experiencing problems with your dog’s health, and not sure what the reason is. It is also a good companion to other dog training materials, and organic dog food recipes.

Company Information

Author Andrew Lewis wrote the ebook and set up the sit as a result of the personal loss of his beloved pet dog, Noble. This death he accounts for as due to commercial dog food and states that as many as 87% of all dog deaths in America are due to the same cause.

The commercial dog food produced is in fact dog food poison in many cases. All this is revealed in this ebook which shows why this happens and the reasons the manufacturers continue to hide the problem by hiding the components in the dog food.

Product Specifications and Bonuses

The Ebook also comes with a temporary $30.00 cash-back bonus that you can use to buy groceries to start making your dog healthy food, this applies even if you ask for a refund.

As one of the additional resources provided with this book is another book called “”23 Healthy and Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes””. This is worth $23 and has 23 great selected recipes to aid you in producing hypoallergenic dog food for your dog that you can use for training treats or a snack.

Due to the current trend on the market of recall dog food as poison is thought to be caused by these commercial mixes it is important to read material such as Dog Food Secrets and learn about the situation. Some of the content in this ebook includes:
* Details on the 3 deadly cancer causing preservatives currently used in dog food
* Learn the truth about the claims on dog food labels
* Learn about the nutritional requirements of dogs and the 6 major components of importance
* Use the Body Weight Calorie Chart to figure out the right amount of calories for your dog
* Get to know the best natural power sources for your dog
* Lists of 20 foods that you may like but are not good for your dog

Review Conclusion

Dog food secret is a great package which opens the eyes of all dog owners. It reveals the disturbing details of the dog food problem as relates to commercial dog food and facts the industry should be ashamed off. The package ensures that once you read it and enforce the advice given that your dog will be all the better due to it.

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