How simple is it to research criminal records?

Not until the last decade or so it was extremely difficult to carry out searches on the US population without using the services of a detective and spending a lot of money. Now that we have huge computer databases, this has become very easy. 

It’s now feasible, if you use the best websites, to execute a large number of individual searches on zero cost government websites to gather criminal records saved against US citizens. The main drawback of this way of doing thing is that you are required to execute searches on lots of different web urls and databases to gather the information that you are trying to retrieve. The on-line records is quite often saved differently for different states which makes data gathering a slow task. You’ll be pleased to hear that th ere is now a much faster alternative at a lower cost. A number of large independent databases have been developed by US private businesses that allow you to search all criminal records on the same website. This makes it so much simpler and faster to retrieve the criminal records that you are looking for. For a very small annual charge of around $40 you can retrieve criminal records for every single state in the country. All records are selectable via a single website which means that it’s much easier. 

That’s not the only good news. This same small annual charge also grants you access to lots of different kinds of record that are saved on the multitude of US government databases. These include: criminal records, court registers and proceedings, birth and death records, marriage and divorce registers, sex offenders records, inmate records, parole searches, personal bankruptcy files, most wanted criminal registers, jail details, missing persons registers, DWI details, assault lists, arrest registers and much more

Remember that a person|a US citizen does not have to have been locked up to have searchable criminal records held against his name. 

One of the top websites we have discovered is  This site provides a extremely rapid search facility and the access to search through a vast amount of US Government fiels all in one website.

So what could we use all this data for and how can it be [helpfuluseful] for you? There are countless reasons why a low yearly cost for these records is a must have. If you hire someone to help clean your house, walk your dog, or help taking care of your children, you will now be able to execute a quick search on a name and check if they have been to jail. You could be an employer and have to launch background checks on likely future employees. Again an easy search will provide all the proof you are looking for to make certain that you hire the appropriate people. If somebody is over 18 years old and has been involved in criminal acts, they have public criminal records against them which it will now be able to search for and check. 

Another great use for this information is if you have to go on a date and want to check on the date you have met up with. Better to work it out now than a few years in the future when it’s all too late.  Good luck!