Passion, Compassion And Hard Work,

Mankind has at least always and hopefully will always care for all the animals on the planet. From the pooch on the chair to the penguin that may have suffered an oil spill in the ocean. The need for the veterinary technician continues, as every vet requires one.
The studies are not as intense for the veterinary technician as for a vet, but there are still some major things that need to be learned. Before even wanting to study for a vet or veterinary technician, you will have to have the passion and compassion for animals. Even though being a veterinary technician, or vet assistant as it is also called, you would need to understand that it is not about just pampering animals, it’s about caring enough, healing and treating them too.
Certification Is Needed
There should be a veterinary technician school in your region, if not you would have to probably go to your closest university or college campus for tutoring. You will need to be qualified and certified to do the work expected from you. There is no easy way out of becoming a veterinary technician besides study hard, and the courses are not cheap either.
However the veterinary technician job is not the most glamorous, but it is filled with compassion and hard work. Yes there can be times of fun and games with the animals, and just observing their natural behavior can be hilarious at times, however strange the animal too. Just as animals have their ways, humans have them too.
The duties of a veterinary technician are not as simple as one would assume. There are medical procedures that have to be seen to, specimens that need to be collected for testing, physical examinations, immunization, dental procedures, helping with giving birth and euthanasia’s, and of course spaying of bitches and neutering of males.
Routine Check-Ups
Being a vet or veterinary techniciandoes not mean you have no compassion for humans as you try on a daily basis to help humans help their own pets when in distress or pain, or just because it is time for that routine injection or check-up. Only the thing that your pet ever asked was a bit of food for all their unconditional love and proper attention. Is it easy to abandon or neglect your pet, and if you could do that to a pet then it is quite possible also that you could easily do it to your own child? Never present a pet to someone who is irresponsible or does not love pets at all, it is actually the cruelest thing you could do possibly.