Pet Steps – A Necessity For Cat and Dog Owners

It’s safe to say that most animal owners are cautious about their pet’s health, be it physical activity, what they eat, their teeth and ears, etc. This article is going to address the role that bed pet steps can play in your pet’s health.

It is often assumed that pet steps are particularly for elderly or ill pets that are no longer capable of pouncing up onto the bed on their own. While it is completely true that older pets will need steps to protect their joints and muscles, this is true of younger pets as well. The stress of constantly jumping up and down can put pressure on your pet’s body with time.

Injuries due to jumping to and from a bed are more common amon pets than you might think. Broken bones can result from collisions or a fall. The higher up your bed is, the more likely your pet is to have an injury. Pet steps make it easy for your pet to simply walk up to your bed.

Have you ever been jarred awake by the pounce of your pet on or off your bed? This is especially an issue if you have a larger dog who is naturally less graceful than a smaller breed. By placing a pet step near your bed, you minimize any excess movement from your pet.

The disturbance a pet can cause is very similar to the ways another human being can continually wake you up during the night. You likely spent some time shopping for a mattress that would minimize that motion transfer from a spouse, so why would you not give the same courtesy for your pet?

You can understand the amount of stress your pet’s joints go through to absorb the shock from jumping. Pet steps are a healthier, safer alternative to jumping on a bed. When searching for pet steps, you can choose from a variety of designs and styles, such as wooden pet steps and carpeted pet steps.