Several Easy Tips for Walking Your Dog

Daily exercise for your dog is important to his health. One of the easiest ways to provide it is to take him for walks. Of course, canines don’t always stay on track while they’re outside, so you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure the walk is pleasant for both of you. This article will explore 4 tips for walking your dog and providing a positive and enjoyable experience.

#1 – Buy A Good Leash

There are many types of leashes including those made from nylon, leather, and chain. Your dog’s behavior while you’re out for a walk might dictate the type of leash you use. If he pulls to one side or keeps biting the leash, chain might work well. On the other hand, nylon is much lighter and therefore, far more comfortable.

If you plan to use a retractable leash, keep in mind that your pooch can quickly wrap around trees, legs, or other pets. Plus, if you’re on a sidewalk next to a busy street, you’ll need to remain constantly aware of how much line you’ve let out.

#2 – Control Him Around Others

A lot of canines love to meet new people (and pets). The problem is that they can become extremely enthusiastic and jump on them. Teach your pooch that if he wants to meet and greet someone, he must first sit at your command. Consider bringing treats when you’re walking him. When he does what he has been taught, you can reinforce the behavior by providing the treat.

#3 – Bring The Necessities

As a responsible owner, you should have plenty of dog waste bags. Leaving your pooch’s waste on another person’s lawn – or worse, in a public place – is disrespectful of others. Also, if you're going for a longer walk, or if the weather is warm, bring water for your canine. And, as mentioned earlier, bring his favorite treats so you can reinforce good behavior while giving him exercise.

#4 – Try New Paths

The same route can become boring for your dog after awhile. Change the scenery occasionally, by finding new routes. Even though you won’t notice the difference, the fresh smells of a new route and its surroundings will be exciting to him. Plus, he’ll have plenty of new territory to mark.

Enjoying The Time Together

Owners often forget how much their dogs love their attention. Walking your canine is a great opportunity to strengthen the friendship you share with each other. Along with the fact your dog will love the attention and being outdoors, he will get the exercise he needs. With a proper leash, a little training, some doggie necessities, and a new route every now and then, you’ll both look forward to the short walks you take together.