Tips When Seeking Western Saddles


If you are looking for good, highly quality Western saddles, then the best place to go would be the markets where there are horses for sale, as well as pre-owned horse tack supply items. You should be able to find some great used saddles and to choose the one that suits the horse and yourself the best. Pay very close attention to the fit of the saddle, as this is what matters when you ride; if it is too loose or too tight, leave it. Go for soft buffed, used leather that not only looks good but also is very comfortable.

When you are looking for proper pre-owned saddles, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, such as the brand of the saddle, the model of the saddle, the fit to the horse and the present status of the saddle. The brand and the model of the saddle will tell you the actual quality of the saddle. Good brands saddles, no matter how old, are as good as gold. The fit and status of the saddle is important, as this will influence your ride; the horse will not listen to your body language if it does not accept the saddle. This is why it is very important that you find a saddle that not only matches perfectly with what you have in mind, but also is comfortable for your horse.

The internet is a great place to become educated about Western saddles and other things that are available in Western horse tack shops. However, this is definitely not the place where you could shop for saddles. If that is your plan, then perhaps you should re-think it. Never buy anything for the horse unless you have put your hand on it and checked if for genuine quality. Whatever accessory you have in mind, particularly a saddle, never buy until the gear is tried and tested on the horse.

The best Western saddles are those which are sold as pre-owned at horse supply shops or anywhere where horse equipment is sold. This is because the most important factor is comfort when it comes to saddles. Never buy over the internet since you can’t try it out on your horse before purchasing.