The Beautiful African Grey Parrot

The African Grey parrot is probably one of the easiest and most beautiful of the parrot family to keep. They originate from Central Africa and are known to be highly intelligent and exceptional talkers. African Greys communicate extremely well with their owners and can usually develop a good vocabulary.

These parrots are medium-sized and can grow to 10 to 14 inches in length. African Grey parrots come in two different types. One is light Grey with a red tail and is known as the Congo African Grey. The Timneh African Grey is a darker charcoal Grey with a maroon tail. Normally the females are smaller than the males. Male birds and normally 12 to 14 inches in size. Both sexes actually look the same, however, the female African Grey parrot usually has a more slender neck and narrower head.

Because these parrots have a long life span may need some one will can make a long-term commitment. African Greys can live up to 60 years. Because of their high intelligence, African Greys require an owner that is experienced and who can understand their needs. The easily become bored so an interactive environment and stimulation is important. African Greys need their intellectual needs met otherwise their boredom could turn to feather picking and other behavioral problems.

Because they are very sensitive and can sometimes lead to behavioral problems. It seems that even small changes to their daily routine and surroundings can lead to an African Grey parrot becoming cranky and frustrated. Although there are usually good tempered and well behaved these birds make great pets but can be challenging. African gays need to be disciplined, otherwise they can get into trouble. They could bite and chew things. They can quickly pick up behaviors therefore if you unintentionally show them bad habits, it will be just as easy to reinforce good ones.

African Grey parrot’s are fantastic birds, who are very sociable and make great pets. In the wild their natural instinct is to flock together. An African Grey parrot living in a home environment will usually adopt the family into their flock. Some of them even cuddle their owners. They seem to enjoy head scratching and petting, even though they don’t always enjoy physical contact. The birds strange signs of affection will not put off an experienced African Grey owner.

African Greys use regurgitation as a deep sign of affection, and will even try to kiss their owners. It is not recommended that you allow the bird to kiss you, because humans mouths contain bacteria that is harmful to the birds. Owners should really understand an important fact, which is these birds need companionship.

African Grey parrots have amazing personalities, as well as human like qualities.If you are lucky enough to own one, you will see an intelligence unequaled by many other animals.

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