Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

Dogs are instinctively aggressive and we all realize that dogs are able to seriously injure people and other animals. However, there are methods available to dog owners for training aggressive dogs. It is essential that dog owners who have an aggressive dog make sure that he is given obedience training, before someone is injured.

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Aggression towards family members and towards strangers are the most common behaviors shown by aggressive dogs. Aggressive dog behavior can be triggered for many different reasons so it should be reacted to in different ways.

Aggressive Dog Behavior Towards Strangers

The main reason dogs dislike strange animals and humans is due to the fact that they haven’t had an opportunity to become familiar with them. Getting dogs accustomed to being with people and animals they don’t know is called socialization. Socialization is a key component of training your dog. So how will socialization prevent aggressive dogs from attacking people who make deliveries to your house?. A socialized dog starts to realize that new experiences can be enjoyable instead of frightening.

Your dog needs to learn this lesson as a young dog. The more often your dog gets to interact with different people (such as, men in uniform, elderly people, young children, teens, people with umbrellas or wearing helmets in a relaxed and fun environment, the less aggressive your dog is likely to be with strangers.

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If you are trying to find a good spot for socializing your pet, group training sessions, often held by large pet stores or at a veterinary office, are a good option. During these sessions, your dog will be taught how to interact with other dogs. He will also learn that he need not fear the strangers at these sessions. It is essential that he is not overwhelmed – allow his tolerance to build gradually by starting off slowly.

Aggression Towards Family Members

Aggressive dog behavior towards human family members is usually for the following reasons:

  • Your dog is trying to protect his belongings (food, toys, etc.) from an apparent danger (namely you or your family members). This highly possessive behavior (called resource guarding) is quite usual in dogs.
  • Dogs being pack animals show dominant behavior according to where they see themselves ranked in the pecking order of the household. Dogs perceive the family make up as being no different from a dog pack. Dogs that perceive their ranking in the pecking order to be higher than their owner or family members will probably show aggression.

As a lower ranked dog wouldn’t behave in an aggressive manner towards a dog that was higher in the hierarchy of the pack, resource guarding is a clear indication of dominant behavior.

The best way to stop dog aggression is to provide consistent dog obedience training, which will make your dog understand that you are the boss or “alpha dog”. This fact may be stressed with rewards such as praise and treats when he complies with a command, and by enforcing “time out” when he misbehaves.

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