Best Bird Cage Designs

What are the best bird cages? With numerous birds in the market, one of the cages that have shown that it is superior for both parrots and other large birds are the parrot cage designs. These have been made out of cast iron or some other metal to ensure that they are durable and also appealing to those that have to see the cage itself to see the bird.

Many of the new designs are made of either aluminum or titanium. Since they are both durable and lightweight, they offer the best of both worlds in parrot cage variants. Many of these are a bit of an investment, but many people see it as a good investment in the long run.

Some of the newer layouts have been made with the cleanup factor in mind. This means that there is less of a chance in having to vacuum around the cage if the parrot is upset and also that the cleaning time with the parrot cage is greatly minimized. These newer styles have been made to make the owner happier with the parrot and also in the cage itself.

In the past the cage was a nightmare to clean and was something that was a burden to move. You had to be constantly concerned with damaging it during the cleaning process. These old parrot cages where huge and usually heavy and were a danger to anyone that moved them.

Many recent models are easy to take apart and some are even becoming modular with the parts. This means that the cage can be disassembled and still have a portion that can be fashioned to contain the bird while the cage is being moved. The light weight material also means that the cages weigh much less than they used to. You no longer need a whole herd of people to move your bird cage from one room to another.

One thing that you really do need to keep in mind when you’re out picking out a cage is that you’ve got to find one that looks good in your home. You’re probably not going to want to choose a grand gold parrot cage if you’ve got silver accents on all your tables. Choose one that blends into the décor so the thing your guests are noticing is the pretty bird inside the cage, and not the parrot cage itself.

Granted any pet should be viewed as an investment, but they really do quickly become a part of the family. This is especially true of a parrot who will chatter their way right into your heart.