The Many Different Kinds of Chickens

The number of chickens in the world outnumbers the other birds by a vast majority, and can be found spread out around the entire world. Some of these chickens boast names from specific villages or towns such as the D’Uccle chicken, named after a town in Brussels, Belgium or the Pekin chicken named originating from China and named according to their culture. Because there are so many different kinds, it is nearly impossible to acknowledge all of them, but as to determining their worth or purpose, there are mainly three types of chickens, and their breeds are dependant on what they excel at.

If you are looking for good chickens to use for egg layers, these are most often referred to as laying hens. The breeds vary, but among the top breeds that have shown above average success in producing eggs are the Leghorn breed which lay excellent white eggs or the Rhode Island Reds known for their spectacular brown eggs. Although there is no difference between white or brown eggs except the color, some people like the brown eggs over the white ones. Choosing one or more from each category would give your coop’s egg production some variety. A rooster is not necessary for your laying hens to lay their eggs. They will keep up good egg production without a rooster on site.

Chickens being raised mostly for consumption, or for meat are called fryers or broilers and will require a different type of diet as well. To ensure the best quality of meat from them, it is necessary to determine early on in the raising process, what type of feed is the best and what extra supplements they will need to produce the meat you prefer. The age of the broilers and fryers does affect the quality of the meat and whether it will be used as stew meat or otherwise. Keeping your eye on the market demand for different ages of chickens is necessary to determine the best selling time for your coop inhabitants and when to purchase new ones. Some of the best breeds for production of meat are the Ross, Peterson, and the Arbor Acres chickens.

Perhaps you want to raise chickens for both means, to lay eggs and as meat consumption. There are some specific breeds that are the best choices for this type of bird. The Wyandottes, New Hampshires, and the Plymouth Rocks are the best in their respective classes for good egg production and excellent meat consumption. Keeping these chickens healthy is quite as simple as keeping them in their housing. A healthy diet with focus on nutrition is needed, but for the most part the rest simply falls into place.

Knowing the market for buying and selling fowl is a must when you endeavor to begin raising them for whatever purpose you have in mind. Knowing and understanding the supply and demand issues in your local area is easier to begin with and as time passes, you will understand the breeds you have chosen, better, and will be able to handle them more expertly each time around.

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