What To Expect When Caring For A Pet Bird – The Best Type Of Pet

Some birds like to be touched, while other types prefer to be watched. Then there are some who will chatter and others who are more likely to croon. Birds sure are unique in their own kind – they are truly a beauty of nature. So, you like them so much, you have finally decided to take one on as a pet. If that is true, then we are going to tell you what to expect when caring for a bird. Please take notice that this addition is going to be a lot of responsibility. Sure, it may not be as big of a responsibility as a dog or a cat, as birds don’t require daily walks or trips outside to potty, but it will still take some training on your part.

If you have decided to get a bird, then you should make sure you research the type of bird you will be getting. By researching the bird breed, you will be learning about the health hazards that some birds are prone to. You will also discover how to avoid some of those health hazards. Look for a basic bird guide to help you understand the responsibilities of different bird breeds. When you are looking for a bird, you should also make sure you go to a reputable breeder. There are many “farms” that have over-bred birds to the point that the offspring are unhealthy. You do not want to get a bird that is not healthy as this can lead to larger problems later on. Furthermore, when you get a new bird in addition to a bird you already own, you need to keep the birds separated until you are sure that the new bird does not have any health issues.

Pet birds cannot control their bladders, so they have a tendency to have accidents when you would least expect it! Your bird does not mean to go to the bathroom on you and genuinely cannot help it, so you should try to acquire patience in this matter. You will need to clean your bird’s cage whenever you notice it becoming messy. As you clean your bird’s cage, your bird may sit to the side and just watch. However, if you do not touch your bird very often, then he or she may be pecking at your hands, which can even draw blood if you do not wear protective gloves.

When you’re eating, your bird may wish to watch you, and in many cases, they’ll attempt to eat from your dinner plate. Can you believe that some birds will repeat everything you say? Some birds are so intelligent that you will fid yourself able to understand complete sentences–which actually make sense!

Do make sure that the cage you select for your new pet is large enough to comfortably accommodate him. This is especially important for those birds who spend a great deal of time in their cage. Your bird is going to require plenty of room to move about. Your bird should be able to fully stretch and flap his wings without touching the sides of the cage. You might also try to gather information regarding accessories for birds, so that you are better prepared to meet your bird’s needs. Now that you’re informed of the basic responsibilities of maintaining a bird, do you think you’re ready?