Feeders For Different Types of Birds

bird feeders houses

Taking care of birds at home is perhaps one of the most fulfilling ways to relax. That is why it is important to provide birds with the right bird feeding tools. There are many different types of bird feeders, each designed according to the types of birds that feed from it. The most common ones are the wood hopper feeders, the tube feeders, thistle feeders, platform feeders, ground feeders and the suet bird feeders.

Hopper feeders are basically the most ideal feeders you can buy. They are made from wood, thus making them an additional accent to your outdoor surroundings. These bird feeders houses are very convenient since you just simply open the top and pour the wild bird seed in. They are also fairly well protected against weather like snow or rain. Generally, wood feeders are practical. But be sure to place these feeders in strategic locations, otherwise, squirrels might raid them. Tube feeders are another type.

These can be easily mounted onto a pole, or can be hung wherever you like. Additionally, when looking for feeders that have very tiny holes, thistle feeders are the answers. These feeders are basically designed for gold, purple or house finches because the seeds of the thistles no not pour out easily onto the ground. Most thistle feeders for wild birds have fun designs and you can normally see birds hanging upside down while feeding themselves. Moreover, the design effectively keeps birds always from each other, thus avoiding competition for the seeds.

Other types are the platform feeders. Since these bird feeding tools are open in design, migratory birds can easily keep a close eye out for any predators that may approach them. What is good about these types of bird feeders is that larger birds can actually perch easily on the platform and simply pick away seeds that might catch their interest. And because the design is open, many birds can feed themselves all at the same time. If you like different types of birds all at the same time, then platform feeders are the answer. Ground feeders are also somewhat similar with the platform bird feeders but they are placed on the ground instead. Both the platform and the ground feeders, however, require proper maintenance often since there is nothing that protects them from elements, such as snow or rain.

To attract interesting types of birds, suet feeders are a good idea. This type of feeder is actually a cage made from wire and can be easily placed with commercially-prepared suet cakes. Suet feeders normally attract Northern Flickers, and also Pileated, Red Bellied, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a feeder, so be sure to have the one that will attract the species you wish to see.