Helping The Bird Feeder Enjoy Bird Feeding

tube feeders

Different kinds of birds will perch on the bird feeder to have a meal when they cannot obtain sufficient food from natural sources. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Bird lovers simply would not want to miss such a sight. That’s why they place a bird feeder in their garden or backyard and stock it with different kinds of wild bird seed. Wild, migratory birds appear at bird feeders to eat and can bring much joy to the bird lover.

A bird feeder should be designed to accommodate the wild birds that frequent your yard. Hopper feeders, platform feeders, tube feeders, thistle sock feeders, suet bird feeders, nut feeders and honey feeders; these are some of the widely used varieties. Hummingbirds feed from honey feeders and it is common to add red color to attract these jewels of the bird world. Also, feeders should protect the birds from sudden attacks from birds of prey or cats. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the perching of many birds, as squabbling among your avian visitors may go on all at a time.

The bird lover should have a pleasant view of the birds while they are feeding. But the safety of the birds takes precedence over this. A bird feeder should not be placed too near to the trees. Cats and squirrels always eye the bird feeder for their meals; the cats eye the birds and the squirrels try to eat the bird food. A squirrel proof bird feeder may be just what you need to protect your avian associates. As well, keeping bird feeders far away from big trees and bushes will make it difficult for the birds to fly to safety if a bird of prey tries to attack.

Feeding the many species of birds that are indigenous to your area can be a round the year activity, peaking during the winter and ebbing during the summer. The bird feeder should be stocked with wild bird food and it should be replenished often. You never know when a winged guest might arrive. There is a chance of diseases spreading from bird-to-bird or from bird-to-humans; therefore, all of your bird feeders should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.