Caring For A Parrot Bird: Tips You Should Know

Parrot care can be quite simple, as long as you’re dedicated to a regular grooming routine, which is generally the most difficult part of caring for a parrot. Parrot grooming can be quite a challenge, as most of the concentration is on the beak, claws, and wings. Doing a bit of research on the proper ways to groom a parrot can help take a great deal of the burden off your shoulders the first time you try to groom your bird.

You would do well to educate yourself on the various conditions that can result in the beak becoming deformed and try to prevent this. Sometimes problems during birth can cause the parrot’s beak to grow at a weird angle, but accidents can also cause such results. Other conditions to look out for are mites and fungus. These can be found within the feathers and the beak.

In order to cut a parrot’s nails you may need a kind of safety restraint. If you have not been trained at cutting your parrot’s nails including the knowledge of the correct length then do not cut them yourself! Long nails can hurt your parrot and get caught on rugs, cages and other items. You do not want your parrot to break its toe because its nails are too long.

The wings of a parrot bird need to be correctly clipped so that they do not harm themselves when flying or landing. If the wings are not clipped then your parrot may be prone to flying into things and may have very hard ground landings. When keeping a parrot you want to remember that they are not wild as the length and breadth of their wings will not make them good at finding food in the wild.

Like any pet a parrot needs a well balanced diet, though your pet parrot should not be feed like a wild parrot. Seeds are good because they have a lot of protein and fat but your pet parrot may become fat because they do not get as much exercise as wild parrots. Pelleted diets can also be good for pet parrots as this can give them the proper nutrition without getting fat.

Before you look for a parrot for sale, be sure that you are aware of the parrot supplies that will be necessary for the maintenance of a bird. Some of the items you will find helpful in raising your bird are a parrot cage, food and water equipment, a spray bottle (with a mist setting), and even toys.