Just What Is Birding, Anyways?

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Birding is a great activity for folks of all ages, backgrounds, physical abilities and experience levels. Whether it’s your life’s passion or merely a passing interest, everyone will enjoy the benefits of spending time in the field with fellow bird watchers. Being outside and surrounded by the natural wonder of our planet is good, but being able to pay attention to specifics and observe them through a pair of binoculars can be even more rewarding.

Beginners, or those new to birding, will find that more experienced and knowledgeable bird watchers are more than eager and willing to pass on whatever skills and methods that they may have acquired themselves. Bird watchers do not tend to be a selfish bunch and are quite happy to see everyone enjoying the day. The accessibility of the activity often surprises those who are just developing an interest in birding. One can have some great bird watching experiences right in his or her own back yard!

The importance of veteran leadership in the local chapters of birding clubs cannot be overstated. It is these statesmen and women of birding who must carry the torch for future generations of bird watching enthusiasts. Their passion must be replicated and they must be willing to share and to teach.

Ultimately, this necessary relationship between rookie and veteran bird watchers is vital to the continued growth of the movement. There is much more at stake than just recruiting new folks to join us in going to a bird watching destination. Driving the very core of the conservation movement that protects the habitats where the birds nest, feed, and live is people who have a passion for birdiing. In order for this passion to stay alive, and thus conservation efforts, there must be an ever growing and on going relationship between those who know and those who wish to learn.

The birds stand to gain the most out of these relationships that exist within the bird watch community. Ultimately, this must be about more than just us and our own passions and hobbies. It must be about the protection of habitat and the preservation of the things in this world that are beautiful.

Since birding is an activity that accessible to so many different people, the variety of conservations can be a powerful tool. Veteran bird watchers must be vigilant about teaching and creating interest or the habitats will begin to lose their protectors. Without diligent conservation work, the sprawl of progress will continue to grow right over the top of prime habitat.