The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Leather Dog Collars

They’re good looking, popular and periodically controversial. They come mass made and some with designer labels. They also make incredibly high priced chew toys for a lot of puppies and dogs. They’re leather dog collars, once the norm for dog gear and now a luxury feature. Is a leather dog collars right for your dog?


A few of the pros of getting leather dog collars are that they are long lasting provided you are going to take care of them properly. Even though they cost more initially than rayon or nylon collars, they can sometimes last longer than the life of your dog. Many owners of dogs who get good and muddy like to use leather dog collars and leashes than of other materials because it is so durable.

Another advantage is that leather always goes with your dog’s coat, whether it is brown leather or black leather. Leather has a timeless look and a great smell, provided you take care of the leather right. There are now a wide variety of leather dog collars in different patterns, colors, with rhinestones or other additions. There are even famous designers of people fashions who are getting into doggie fashions.


The main drawback of leather dog collars is that it’s made out of very tasty animal hide. At least, your dog thinks it’s tasty. You can’t explain to your dog that it’s not good to chew on the $100 rolled leather dog collar but it is preferrable to chew on rawhide treats. They are made of nearly the same stuff. Dogs will chew on leather, although with patience and persistence, they can be trained not to.

One of the other disadvantages is having to clean and condition the leather dog collar and leash. This is something you do not have to worry about with nylon or rayon collars and leashes. You can throw them in the bath along with the dog. But prolonged exposure to soaking water will destroy leather. You need to get special soaps and conditioners for them. You might need to have the leather collars worn only on special occasions.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, than you are already trying to cut out all animal-based products from your life. Killing cows for dog collars might not sit well on your conscious. But there are beautiful simulated leather dog collars that are just about as tough as leather on the market. As an added bonus, they don’t have the strong smell that attracts dogs looking for a quick snack.