Helping the Bluebirds – Some Information

There are three species of bluebirds in the US, Western, Eastern and Mountain bluebirds. Mountain bluebirds are found at higher elevations in the West, Western Bluebirds are found to the west of the Great Plains and Eastern Bluebirds on the Great Plains. Bluebirds have bright colours and a cheerful song and are great favorites with lovers of wild birds. Populations of bluebirds drastically decreased all through the last century, being ejected from their favorite nesting sites by predatory birds.

Helping the Bluebirds

Several organisations of bird watchers have instituted different means to promote the nesting and breeding of bluebirds. In Missouri in the 1950’s the inhabitants made a National Bluebird Trail with more than 6000 bluebird boxes. Formed in 1978 The North American Bluebird Society furthers the revival of bluebirds. To help bluebirds you can establish up a Bluebird Trail by erecting a succession of bluebird houses The perfect bluebird house has been specified by the Bluebird Society and you could make your own or purchase a ready made bluebird house.

How to Set Up a Bluebird Trail

The best place for a Bluebird Trail is a country area with thin ground cover and dotted trees or bushes. There ought to be perch sites such as fences, wires and trees to allow the bluebirds to perch while hunting for food. By 2005 sightings of bluebirds in southern states have shown that they have come back to to this area. This has shown that bluebirds have benefited from the establishment of Bluebird Trails. Locations suitable for a Bluebird Trail are out-of-the-way locations of parks and golf courses or cemeteries as long as pesticides have not been applied. You should keep away from thickly forested areas with lots of of undergrowth. Bluebird houses ought to be located 150 yards away from each other and be between four and six feet high.

Attract Bluebirds to Your Garden

You can invite bluebirds to your backyard by placing mealworms (available to buy online) or water soaked raisins on platform garden bird feedersHeated birdbaths will be a big attraction for them during the winter months.