Pet Adoption Makes The Most Wonderful Unions Between Pets And Owners

A pet adoption should not be done spontaneously.  There are numerous reasons why pets are being surrendered in shelters and rescue organization, most common reason is deciding spontaneously about getting a pet and then failing to do the responsibility that taking care of pets requires.

Therefore, before adopting an animal from rescuers or shelters it is important that the animal that you are choosing will be a life-long companion.  Otherwise, this defeats the mission and goal of animal shelters and animal rescue organizations. 

Shelters and rescue groups have wide selection of puppies and full-grown cats and dogs.  It is important to identify which animal will be most suitable for the adopter’s personality and temperament. adoptable dogs and cats (whether it is mixed bred/purebred) displays unusual uniqueness.  It is best not to rely only on the physical characteristics of these animals but focus more on their attitude and behaviour. 

Choosing Your Feline Companion

Cats make wonderful pets.  Although they value their independence, they crave for love and companionship.  What is good about cats is that they can easily adjust to different lifestyles and types of residences. 

When choosing cats in an animal shelter, it is best to ask permission or assistance from the adoption counsellor to spend some time with the animals. This is for understanding the temperament and behaviour of the animals better.There are cats that tend to be passive, timid or frightened even if they are social by nature due to it’s lack of familiarity with the new environment. 

Having young children at home is another thing to consider.  Young children usually cannot handle the responsibility of kittens.A four months old cat, will be an appropriate choice. 

If the adopter have other animals at home, it is best to help the new member of the family to adjust to its surroundings.  Adopters can try isolating their new cats in a room and then slowly exposing them to the other animals.By this, they can gradually mix up together and accept the new feline presence in the same house. 

Choosing the Best Dog

Adopters sometimes get overwhelmed with the wide selection of purebreds and mixed bred animals in shelters.  The best way to narrow down the choices is identifying the adopter’s characteristics or personality.  Another thing is learning about the different personalities and temperaments of purebreds and mixes. 

With this process, you can do a process of elimination by removing those breeds and mixes that do not match or complement the adopter’s lifestyle. 
When visiting animals in shelters; always keep in mind that this is a stressful and unfamiliar environment for the dogs.It the dogs are in a safe and secure place then the real character will come up for display. 

Again, ask for the adoption counsellor’s attention to known several information about the dogs you are interested.Inquire about the behaviour, the age, and also about its behaviour with children.  It is important to narrow down the choices before going to shelter, this also applies for cat adoption. 

Remember that the pets that you are adopting will be your companion for the next 10 until 15 years – or even longer. That’s why it is important for adopter’s to carefully choose their ideal pet.  Pet adoption makes the most wonderful unions between pets and owners, as long as the decisions were made in no rush and with guidance.